Researchers of the CCNS published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, which were cited over 37,000 times. The CCNS has an h-index of 95.

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Latest Publications

Blume C., Lechinger J., Santhi N., del Giudice R., Gnjezda M.-T., Pichler G., Scarpatetti M., Donis J., Michitsch G., & Schabus M. (2017). Significance of circadian rhythms in severely brain-injured patients: A clue to consciousness? Neurology. doi:10.1212/wnl.0000000000003942

Fusca, M., Ruhnau, P., Neuling, T., & Weisz, N. (in press). Local network-level integration mediates effects of transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation. Brain connectivity.

Hauswald, A., Lithari, C., Collignon, O., Leonardelli, E., & Weisz, N. (2018). A visual cortical network for deriving phonological information from intelligible lip movements. Current Biology, 28(9), 1453–1459.

Schabus, M. (2017). Reply: On assessing neurofeedback effects: should double-blind replace neurophysiological mechanisms?. Brain, 140(10), e64.

Schabus, M., Griessenberger, H., Gnjezda, M.-T., Heib, D. P. J., Wislowska, M., & Hoedlmoser, K. (2017). Better than sham? A double-blind placebo-controlled neurofeedback study in primary insomnia. Brain, 140 (2), 1-12. DOI: 10.1093/brain/awx011 (Impact factor: 10.103)

Schalkwijk, F. J., Sauter, C., Hoedlmoser, K., Heib, D. P., Klösch, G., Moser, D., … & Schabus, M. (2017). The effect of daytime napping and full‐night sleep on the consolidation of declarative and procedural information. Journal of sleep research.

Weisz, N. & Lithari, C. (2017). Amplitude modulation rate dependent topographic organization of the auditory steady-state response in human auditory cortex. Hearing Research, 354, 102-108.

Wielek T., Lechinger J., Wislowska M., Blume C., Ott P., Wegenkittl S., del Giudice R., Heib D. P. J., Mayer H. A., Laureys S., Pichler G., & Schabus M. (2018). Sleep in patients with disorders of consciousness characterized by means of machine learning. PLOS ONE, 13(1), e0190458. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0190458

Wislowska, M., Del Giudice, R., Lechinger, J., Wielek, T., Heib, D. P., Pitiot, A., … & Schabus, M. (2017). Night and day variations of sleep in patients with disorders of consciousness. Scientific reports, 7(1), 266.