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  • Schurz, M. & Perner, J. (2015). An evaluation of neurocognitive models of Theory of Mind. Frontiers in Psychology, 6. [Download article]
  • Perner, J. & Esken, F. (2015). Evolution of human cooperation in Homo Heidelbergensis: Teleology versus mentalism. Developmental Review, 38, 69-88.
    Special Issue on “Recent advances in cognitive-developmental theory”, guest editor Pierre Barrouillet. [Download article]
  • Roessler, J. & Perner, J. (2015). Pro-social cognition: helping, practical reasons, and ‘theory of mind’. Phenomenology & the Cognitive Sciences, 14, 755-767.   DOI 10.1007/s11097-015-9438-7
    Special issue on “Origins of Normativity,” edited by Glenda Satne. [Download article]
  • Perner, J., Huemer, M., & Leahy, B. (2015). Mental Files and Belief: A cognitive theory of how children represent belief and its intensionality. Cognition, 145, 77-88. [Download article]
  • Arora, A., Weiss, B., Schurz, M., Aichhorn, M., Wieshofer, A., & Perner, J. (2015). Left Inferior-Parietal Lobe Activity in Perspective Tasks: Identity statements. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9:360. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00360 [Download article]
  • Schurz, M., Kronbichler, M.,  Weissengruber, S., Surtees, A., Samson, D., & Perner, J. (2015). Clarifying the role of theory of mind areas during visual perspective taking: Issues of domain-specificity and spontaneity. Neuroimage, 117, 386-396. [Download article]


  • Wimmer, H. & Perner, J. (1979). Kognitionspsychologie. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer.
  • Perner, J. (1991). Understanding the representational mind. Cambridge, MA: Bradford Books/MIT-Press.   [Download book]
  • Perner, J. & Dienes, Z. (forthcoming). A theory of implicit an explicit knowledge. Oxford: Oxford University Press.