In the end of June, Christine Blume has been awarded a Schrödinger Fellowship from the Austrian Science Fund FWF. From 2019 on she is going to spend two years at the Department for Chronobiology at the Psychiatric University Clinic Basel (Switzerland) headed by Prof. Christian Cajochen before returning to Salzburg in 2021. In Basel, she will extend her research on circadian rhythms and sleep. In Basel, she will investigate how artificial light exposure in the evening alters cognitive processes during the night. Today it is well-known that especially exposure to blue light in the evening, which is for example emitted by e-readers or smartphones, has negative effects on sleep. However, the underlying mechanisms, for example whether light exposure renders cognitive processing more “wake-like”, are entirely unknown. Upon her return to Salzburg, she will bring back important knowledge on the interactions between the internal biological clock and cognitive processing to the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship for Christine Blume